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Date: 04/27/2009
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Los Angeles/ San Fernando Valley

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Date: 2009-03-23, 2:22PM PDT


is a multimedia production company with businesses in special event management, cinema, publishing, music, performing and visual arts, educational resources, and home entertainment. Artists in our global network experiment with these forms by creating new work, and collaborative opportunities with the community evolve through social services and exclusive venues. Dedicated to promoting the highest artistic achievement from its collaborators, VPC urges visionary collaboration among artists, art forms and global cultures.


Writers, artists, editors and additional staff to establish a publishing company. Send all inquiries to:

Location: Los Angeles & The Valley

Date: 04/27/2009
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Date: 2009-03-25, 11:20AM PDT

Red Motion Studios is looking for an amazing Micro budget script for drama/thriller feature, to be shot on the RED Camera, which we own. The RED camera has been used on major feature films, like the new movie "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage. With a small budget and this camera, we can make this feature amazing. Now we need a great script.

What we need:
1. A script that is innovative, suspenseful, and makes the audience think. A smart drama/thriller.
2. Limited locations, effects, so that we can make this look really good on a micro budget.

Once we find the script we hope to fly through pre-production and be filming within a few months.

Please send us an email with
1. SYNOPSIS of your script (1/2 page to 1 page)
You can send it to:

You can check out our company website at


Date: 04/27/2009
Sitcom Screenwriter needed

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Date: 2009-03-25, 8:25PM PDT


We intend to produce a pilot, then pitch to networks. You will not be paid cash, but will maintain percentage ownership.
Thunderstamp Productions Seeks sitcom for 30-something MALE lead. SCRIPTED IMPROV preferred.
Please CUT and PASTE your QUERY into body of email to:

Location: Hollywood

Date: 04/27/2009
Los Angeles

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Date: 2009-03-26, 12:00PM PDT

Production Company seeking writers for screenplays and stageplays. We are currently seeking pieces that tell a great story and have something impacting to say. Currently we are seeking African American and Latin American roles for young women. Also accepting plays in Spanish. If you have a horror piece in spanish that is a plus! Films will be submitted to film festivals. Please send your scripts along with a one page synopsis that is seperate from the script. If synopsis is not seperate your play will not be considered for production. I will be in contact if I am interested in your screenplay.
Please submit material to:

I look forward to reading your scripts!

Artistic Director

Location: Los Angeles

Date: 04/27/2009
Writer for magic show wanted
Los Angeles

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Date: 2009-03-29, 11:10PM PDT

I am a magician living in Los Angeles and am looking for a writer to collaborate with me for a magic show script. I have been a magician for 10 years and would like to put together a 30 minute act for the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

The end goal of this collaboration is to create a show which is 1 hour long, and can be pitched to small and large theaters in Los Angeles to be booked as a major theater event.

If you have any interest please contact me at

Looking forward to your replies!

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